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Mobile Bus Repair and Truck Tire Services in White Marsh

Breakdown Solutions LLC provide the best mobile bus repair and truck tire repair services in White Marsh, including tire services. Whether dealing with unexpected issues on the journey or requiring routine tire upkeep, our skilled team is ready to assist. Our specialists, equipped with cutting-edge technology and methods, are prepared to address various issues with buses and trucks, including flat tires and engine troubles. We prioritize quick and accurate diagnostics and repairs to minimize downtime, helping you return to your activities swiftly. Understanding the value of your time, particularly in the transport sector, we focus on delivering our services quickly and precisely without sacrificing quality. Our mobile repair unit means we come directly to you, eliminating your need to come to us. Let us keep your vehicles in prime condition, allowing you to concentrate on your primary tasks. Reach out to us for efficient, on-site service.

Semi-truck and Trailer and Mobile Reefer Repair

We specialize in fixing semi-trucks and trailers, including unique mobile reefer repairs. We recognize the difficulties you encounter while driving. So, we provide various services to keep you on the move. We’re here to assist, from fixing a troublesome air leak in your truck to replacing a worn-out tire. Our skilled technicians can quickly repair air leaks, helping your truck run smoothly. Our truck tire services are available to repair or replace your tires, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next trip. Furthermore, our around-the-clock emergency service for trucks and trailers is ready 24/7 to help you with any unexpected breakdowns. Our mobile welding and equipment repair services offer complete solutions wherever you are, whether a roadside or a rest area, to save you time and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Mobile Truck and Drive Shaft Repairs

We provide a wide range of solutions designed specifically for truck drivers and fleet operators, recognizing the importance of your time spent driving. Our advanced computer diagnostic services swiftly identify any issues, eliminating the need for guesswork. This means faster and more accurate problem-solving, whether dealing with a warning light or a more intricate transmission problem. Our expertise also extends to fixing coolant leaks, which are critical to prevent and avoid major engine damage. Our proficient team ensures your engine maintains its ideal temperature for smooth operation, helping to prevent expensive future repairs. Our expertise includes servicing box trucks and vans, focusing on their unique needs to ensure they are reliable and safe for travel. Our dedicated team is prepared to offer top-notch service to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Contact us today for your truck and van maintenance needs.

Why Choose Us

Our 24/7 mobile bus and truck tire repair service ensures you can reach us anytime you encounter a problem. We aim to reduce your waiting time and swiftly get you moving again.

We visit you, no matter your location, removing the necessity for tow services and shortening the period your vehicle is unavailable. Whether stuck on a road or at your premises, our mobile services prioritize your comfort and happiness.

Our team comprises experienced, qualified mechanics who focus on bus and truck upkeep and repairs. With a deep background in this field, we promise that your vehicle receives expert care and precision, utilizing modern diagnostics and repair strategies.


We provide on-site assistance for buses and trucks, covering tire changes, engine checks, electrical fixes, brake repairs, and regular upkeep.

Many mobile repair services handle vehicles like commercial and semi-trucks, RVs, buses, and heavy-duty machinery. Still, checking with the provider regarding your particular vehicle model is wise.

Yes, we employ certified technicians who are trained and experienced in handling various repairs and maintenance tasks for different types of vehicles.

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