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Truck Repair and Maintenance Services in Washington DC

Breakdown Solutions LLC stands out as a reliable provider of truck repair and maintenance services in Washington, DC. Our comprehensive service portfolio caters to a wide array of trucks, including mobile trailer repair, mobile reefer repair, box truck/van repair, mobile bus repair, and mobile RV / motorcoach repair. We recognize the pivotal role that operational trucks play in your daily operations, whether for personal use or managing a fleet. Our mobile services redefine convenience, delivering expert repairs and maintenance directly to your location. It saves you valuable time and reduces the potential for extended downtime, ensuring your trucks remain in peak condition. Our seasoned technicians utilize the latest tools and techniques to provide services that meet your specific needs, enhancing the performance and longevity of your trucks.

Component Repair and Replacement

At Breakdown Solutions LLC, we excel in delivering specialized component repair and replacement services across Washington, DC. Our offerings are extensive, covering hydraulic hose repair, tire sales, mobile welding, and equipment repair. We understand your trucks’ efficiency and safety hinge on each component’s integrity. Therefore, our team is committed to executing thorough and precise repairs, coupled with high-quality replacement parts that guarantee long-term reliability. Whether you’re facing an emergency tire issue or require intricate hydraulic system repairs, our mobile units are fully equipped to address your needs swiftly at your premises. We prioritize minimizing your truck’s downtime and ensuring that every repair or replacement we perform upholds our high quality and durability standards.

Keep Your Fleet Running Smoothly

Breakdown Solutions LLC is dedicated to supporting the heart of your operations in Washington, DC—your fleet. Beyond fixing issues, our truck repair, maintenance, and regulatory compliance services, including complete DOT Inspections, are tailored to ensure your fleet operates at its best. We understand the challenges and demands of managing a fleet, so we offer solutions designed to prevent problems before they occur. By choosing us, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner committed to the longevity and efficiency of your fleet. Let us help you maintain your fleet’s optimal performance with minimal interruption to your operations. Contact us today to know how our expert truck repair and maintenance services in Washington, DC, can enhance your fleet management efforts. Keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently with our professional support.

Why Choose Us

Choose Breakdown Solutions LLC for our rapid response team, which guarantees swift action to your truck emergencies. Our professionals are on standby, ready to efficiently tackle your needs, ensuring minimal downtime and a quick return to operation.

Our on-site repair service brings the workshop to you wherever you are in Washington, DC. It means no more towing or unnecessary delays. Get professional repairs done at your location, saving time and keeping your schedule uninterrupted.

Timely on-road assistance from Breakdown Solutions LLC means you’re never left stranded. Our teams are equipped to reach you promptly, providing expert help for any truck issue you face, ensuring your safety and the swift continuation of your journey.


Every repair is done precisely and follows the most recent industry standards since we use cutting-edge diagnostic and repair technology.

Our quality assurance process includes using high-quality parts, advanced diagnostic equipment, and continuous training for our technicians to ensure repairs meet our rigorous standards.

We offer DOT inspection services to ensure your fleet complies with all safety and regulatory standards, keeping your operations smooth and legal.

Breakdown Solutions LLC

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