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Electric Log Installations and Drive Shaft Repairs in Middle River

Breakdown Solutions LLC specializes in electric log installations and drives shaft repairs in Middle River. We know the importance of maintaining a smoothly operating vehicle. Whether you’re a truck driver or a fleet manager, it’s essential to have a reliable electronic logging device (ELD). These devices monitor your driving time, ensuring compliance with the law. If you need an ELD installed, our team can assist you with providing a quick and accurate setup. This reduces your downtime, allowing you more time driving. Drive shaft issues can disrupt your vehicle’s efficiency, linking the engine to the wheels. Our expert mechanics are skilled in identifying and fixing drive shaft problems and offering repair and replacement services. Contact us for top-notch electronic log installations and drive shaft repairs in Middle River. We’re here to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition for safe and efficient travel.

Mobile Oil Change and Lock Out Services

Our mobile services include oil changes and unlocking vehicles, eliminating the need for towing to a service center. We also offer comprehensive mobile truck repairs for various problems and are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise. If you’re running out of diesel, our on-site delivery service will refuel you promptly, reducing your waiting time. We provide people net repair services for fleets that use people net for logistics and communication to ensure your systems function smoothly. Our approach focuses on preventive maintenance to address problems before they worsen, saving you time and money. Our skilled team proactively identifies and fixes potential issues to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Our team is prepared to offer the swift, reliable service you require right where you are. Contact us for all your mobile repair requirements.

Mobile Trailer and School Bus Repair

We recognize the importance of maintaining the operation of your vehicles. We aim to ensure your vehicle returns to the road quickly because we understand the value of time, particularly for commercial vehicles and school buses. Our extensive service range is designed to cater to your needs, focusing on repairs and preventive measures. Through our tire sales, we offer durable and efficient tires. Our mobile reefer repair service guarantees your refrigerated trailers keep the appropriate temperature to safeguard your goods. We can handle specific repairs whether you own a box truck or van. We prioritize safety by offering DOT inspections to ensure your vehicle meets all safety standards. Our mobile welding service is available for on-the-spot repairs, and we can fix various equipment types. Avoid delays caused by vehicle breakdowns. Contact us today to ensure your vehicles remain in prime condition and gain peace of mind with our superior service.

Why Choose Us

Our team excels in various services, such as fitting electronic logs, fixing drive shafts, providing mobile oil changes, and unlocking services.

We value your time and provide mobile oil change and lockout assistance right where you are. Our mobile services aim to minimize your inconvenience and swiftly restore your routine.

With extensive experience, we’ve earned a reputation for reliability and integrity. Our clients feel confident knowing their vehicles are entrusted to skilled hands.


Usually, installing an electronic log device takes a few hours, but this duration can change based on the vehicle type and the specific ELD model used.

We provide 24/7 urgent assistance and strive to arrive at the location within a few hours after a call is made.

Our business is dedicated to assisting you. Our lockout assistance focuses on unlocking cars without causing any damage, guaranteeing a fast and secure way to get into your vehicle.

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