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Preventive Maintenance and Computer Diagnostics Services in Catonsville

Breakdown Solutions LLC understands the importance of keeping your truck operational and free from issues. So, we provide preventive maintenance and computer diagnostics in Catonsville. Our primary goal is to identify and fix minor problems before they escalate, minimizing downtime and maximizing your efficiency on the road. Our skilled team employs the latest technology to inspect your truck thoroughly. We go beyond the surface to detect potential problems early, ensuring your vehicle is in prime condition. Regardless of your vehicle type, our experienced technicians have the know-how to maintain its optimal performance. Choose us to ensure your truck operates smoothly without any unexpected interruptions. Visit us and let us help you maintain continuous operation, keeping your business on the move. Reach out to us today and secure the best care for your truck!

Mobile Truck and Reefer Repair

We understand the urgency of getting your truck or reefer up and running after a breakdown. Our offerings include specialized repairs for truck air leaks to ensure your vehicle’s safe and optimal performance. Additionally, we handle truck tire issues, offering fast repair and replacement to avoid any hold-ups. Our team is ready around the clock daily to tackle emergency repairs for trucks and trailers. For more complex needs, we extend mobile welding and machinery repair services to ensure every component of your vehicle functions perfectly. We’re known for our quick arrival and quality service. Our skilled technicians are fully equipped to address most issues immediately. With Breakdown Solutions LLC, you gain a reliable partner to support you through any truck or reefer problem. Reach out to us now. We aim to ensure you’re back driving safely and promptly.

Coolant Leaks and DOT Inspection Services

We recognize the importance of ensuring your truck meets DOT inspection standards. Coolant leaks are frequent problems that can cause inspection failures, which, if not addressed, could lead to significant engine damage. We offer targeted services to detect and repair coolant leaks to keep your truck operating at its best. We handle repairs for air leaks in trucks and offer tire maintenance services. Issues with air leaks and tires can impact your truck’s performance and safety. Our skilled team is ready to tackle these challenges quickly and effectively, reducing downtime and ensuring you stay on the move. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair services for trucks and trailers, understanding that issues can arise at any hour. We’re ready to support you with our extensive repair services, no matter the time or place. Contact us today to ensure your truck remains in prime condition with our professional assistance.

Why Choose Us

Our team uses advanced tools and lists to pinpoint the exact problems. By determining the primary issue, we avoid needless fixes, saving you time and resources.

We recognize the distinct needs of each customer, providing adaptable and personalized solutions. No matter the size of your business or if you’re an individual, we adjust our offerings to fit your unique needs.

Our commitment to promptness ensures that our team responds rapidly to solve problems, aiming to reduce any interruptions and quickly bring your systems back to perfect working order.


Visible signs of a coolant leak are spotting drips under the car, the engine getting too hot, or a warning light indicating low coolant. It's important to address a coolant leak quickly to prevent the engine from overheating, which could result in major damage to the engine and expensive repair bills.

The schedule for DOT Inspections differs according to the kind of vehicle used and how it is used. Usually, commercial vehicles must have a DOT Inspection once a year.

A standard DOT Inspection typically examines the vehicle's braking system, steering components, tires and wheels, lights and reflectors, mirrors, windshield wipers, fuel systems, and cargo securement. It also involves verifying that the vehicle is free from leaks or any mechanical issues that could be hazardous.

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