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School Bus Repair and Mobile Welding Services in Annapolis

Breakdown Solutions LLC is the leading provider of school bus repair and mobile welding services in Annapolis. Recognizing the critical role of well-maintained buses for student safety, we deliver a wide range of repair services to tackle any challenges your school bus may encounter. Our team is equipped to perform everything from regular to complex repairs, ensuring your buses are in excellent condition. Our expertise extends to on-site welding services, eliminating the hassle of moving your vehicle for repairs. Our mobile welding setups come outfitted with advanced equipment, enabling us to conduct superior-quality welding tasks for buses and other vehicles at your location. No matter the size of the repair, our professionals are prepared to promptly restore your school bus’s safety and functionality. Trust us to handle the repairs while you concentrate on the vital task of transporting students securely. Reach out to us for all your Annapolis school bus repair and welding needs.

Mobile Reefer and Mobile Bus Repair

We understand the vital importance of mobile reefers and buses for your operations. We’re dedicated to offering swift and reliable maintenance services for these vehicles. Our expert technicians are prepared to address any complications, aiming to get your vehicle operational promptly. Our mobile bus repair services are also tailored to reduce operational delays, ensuring your passengers’ safe and timely transport. We tackle various issues, including engine and electrical system repairs, with precision and attention to detail. Ensuring the smooth running of your vehicles is our top priority. You can count on us for maintenance and repair services for your mobile reefers and buses. We’re here to resolve your issues, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities. Contact us now for immediate and expert assistance.

Box Truck / Van and Mobile Trailer Repair

We are your go-to box truck, van, and trailer repair expert. Our skilled technicians are mobile, arriving on-site with the necessary tools and expertise to promptly address your vehicle’s needs. We offer comprehensive repair services covering everything from engine and electrical issues to tire brake repairs. We’re committed to providing speedy service, competitive pricing, and superior craftsmanship, using top-notch parts and methods to guarantee your vehicle’s optimal performance. Our mission is to provide a hassle-free repair process. We keep communication open, ensure pricing is straightforward, and strive to reduce the time your vehicle is out of commission. Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected breakdown or needing regular upkeep, Breakdown Solutions LLC is ready to assist. We’re prepared to get you moving again quickly and securely. To book a repair, give us a call or visit our website today.

Why Choose Us

Our team has extensive expertise in fixing school buses, guaranteeing that your fleet is secure and operates smoothly. We’re familiar with the unique requirements and rules related to school buses.

Our top-tier mobile welding services deliver the workshop experience right to your doorstep, providing unmatched ease and adaptability. No matter the size of the job, from minor fixes to big constructions.

We’re dedicated to delivering quick, considerate, and precise services. Starting with our first meeting and continuing until we finish the repair or welding work, we keep you updated and content at every phase.


We provide customized welding services tailored to meet the unique requirements of your school buses. This includes enhancing structural integrity or meeting other specific fabrication demands. Our team has the expertise and tools necessary to ensure high-quality outcomes.

We offer flexible maintenance plans to ensure your fleet operates smoothly and avoids unexpected failures. These plans can cover regular check-ups, standard repairs, and planned repairs.

To schedule a service or request a quote, contact us via phone, email, or our website. Our customer service team will discuss your needs, provide a detailed quote, and arrange a service appointment at your convenience.

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