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Get your business trucks fixed quickly and efficiently. Maintaining a well-oiled fleet is our specialty, and we take care of any necessary repairs so you don’t have to.

If you’re stranded with a truck issue, our 24/7 roadside help is here. We fix problems on the spot to get you moving again, ensuring you’re never left waiting.

Ensure a safe, smooth ride with our tire services. We fulfill replacement and maintenance needs, enhancing fuel economy and decreasing the likelihood of blowouts.

Pinpoint your vehicle’s issues accurately with our cutting-edge computer diagnostics and avoid unnecessary costs with precise problem identification for an efficient fix.

Get your truck working well again by using our drive shaft repairs as we eliminate vibrations and improve handling, ensuring a smoother, safer ride and extended vehicle longevity.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your vehicle's engine doesn't turn over when you try to start it and you hear clicking noises or see dim lights, it's likely a dead battery. Our jump start can get your vehicle running again.

When performed by our skilled technicians using proper methods, unlocking your truck will not cause any damage to the locks or the vehicle's door frame.

By taking care of little problems before they become big ones, our preventive maintenance may save you a lot of money on repairs and breakdowns.

No Roadside Problem Is Too Tough for Our Team to Tackle!

Continue Your Journey Safely and Soundly with Breakdown Solutions LLC. Click Here to Discover Our Specialized Mobile Truck Repair and Roadside Assistance Services.

Why Choose Breakdown Solutions LLC

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Derrick Ricks
Derrick Ricks
Always professional. Very knowledgeable about everything I asked. Helped me fix problems myself just off a discription and information I gave him. Prices are reasonable. I could go on and on and post receipts for proof.
This is a TOTAL scam their SO-CALLED shop is a Popeyes Chicken. They ripped my company off for 2 grand plus they had my driver wait over 30 hours for a job that could be done in an hour. He claimed he ordered parts but couldn't provide one invoice from even a single supplier! Claimed he had to weld my part back together there was a single weld on the entire part! This guy makes you wait outrageously long doesn't answer your call then comes back with a price so it's orbiting the Earth! If you hire this guy expect to be robbed. Most of his reviews he wrote himself. I definitely suggest if you see this call the police. If you read his response below it still doesn't address my complaint because as stated BEFORE he didn't WELD this part as he claims on the phone secondly I've had the same JOB done by others it took 1 hour not 30+ and didn't cost me $2000+ ! Totally a scam prays on your desperation don't listen or believe him folks!
Leonard Jenkins Jr
Leonard Jenkins Jr
Aww man big ups to my man John who always a call away. I have a hino anytime I call he gets me right. From oil change to drive shaft dot inspection what ever you may need done hit up BreakDown solutions. Don’t get hit up side the head with cost at these mechanic shops. Invest in who invest in you. Thanks again been my mechanic over 3yrs
Desairo Coleman
Desairo Coleman
Really good company one time friendly guys. 100 percent recommend.
Tanya - Euro Freight Inc
Tanya - Euro Freight Inc
Definitely recommended! They did a great job, came pretty fast and price was completely fair. They didnt charge us more then they said! Great service.
Truck Life Lu
Truck Life Lu
Excellent fast service . Got me up and running maybe 10 mins after they arrived. Friendly and informative. I believe the guy that helped me name was Jonathan. Definitely will be using their services again whenever I have an issue 💯
Rico's Fresh Cutz
Rico's Fresh Cutz
Fast, convenient, and done right. Will be using again. 5 stars
Albert Tisdale
Albert Tisdale
Got to my truck ASAP, did not lie about ETA, prices was fair and did a good job, I will definitely use again if I’m in the area!!!
Maximo Deleon
Maximo Deleon
Simple the best thank you for your service on a extremely rainy day came out to help thanks alot man god bless

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